Fara songs

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I recorded this CD during my research on the fara in 2003-2004. Fara takes place in a period the Rotumans call: av mane'a; i.e., time to play. It starts at the beginning of December and ends in mid-January. During this period the Rotumans take things easy and in general do not need to work hard. Time is spent on picnics, harvest festivals, drinking kava, playing cards, and going fara.

The fara is mostly taken up by the young. When going fara, as participants call it, people go from door to door to sing and dance at each house. The majority of the songs on the CD are fara songs, although. I also recorded two songs that belong to a different genre to illustrate differences in singing styles referred to in chapter 5 of my thesis.

While on Rotuma I witnessed two types of fara: ordinary fara and roundtrip fara. 'Ordinary fara' takes place almost daily around Christmas within a district and sometimes within connected districts. 'Roundtrip fara' (far far kạl‘ạki in Rotuman) involves going around the island on a bus or truck.

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Recording of an 'ordinary' fara in the district of Malhaha*

Recording of an 'ordinary' fara in the district of Malhaha*

Recording of a roundtrip-fara, with Rotumans who came from Nadi*

Specially arranged recording session at Savlei (thanks to Patrecio Fuata)*

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