Pacific music: klankenstapper

I was invited to co-work on a series of three broadcastings for the Dutch radio on music in the Pacific. The series was broadcasted on the concert channel, which airs music from all over the world, and ranges from traditional to popular music. The radio-program it self is called “Klankenstapper”, and aims at broadcasting ‘traditional’ music.

The first broadcasting is titled “Fiji and Rotuma”, and is composed by Anne-Marie Winkelman and Ragnhild Scheifes. The title of the second broadcasting is “Polynesia”, and is composed by Stephania Bobeldijk and Ragnhild Scheifes. The third and last broadcasting is titled “Melanesia”, and is put together by Anne-Marie Winkelman.

Although the radio program “Klankenstapper” aims at broadcasting traditional music, it is in my opinion not exactly the right choice of word. For example, the Rotuman Fara music is better described as local music, or ethnographic music, since it is a type of music that is continues to change, and thus not traditional in that way. Let us see tradition as something dynamic. The Radio program is narrated in the Dutch language, but music is in a way not bound to language. Enjoy listening!!

Part 1 - Fiji and Rotuma

Part 2 - Polynesia

Part 3 - Melanesia

* Click on the link to visit the Klankenstapper-website part 1,2 or 3. To listen click on the -icon.