Whether it is women net fishing in the lagoon or men hacking away together in the taro plantation, you can hear them laughing - not quiet laughter but huge belly laughs that can ride the wind.
(Vilisoni Hereniko)

Kaha Ma Kaha! by Mere Taito

If you have a palaga, a hole in your supporter,
Underwear, knickers, boxers or drawers
Even the tiniest of holes
Or an incurable liking for g-strings
You better keep it to yourself

When a crotch itch drives you insane
For your sake
Don't scratch
Not in front of me

If the springs of your mattress are worn
And your bed creaks like old floors
Hide this from me
Should your breasts sag, lift less,
I should not know.
When your legs don't walk right
Hobble the other way
I should not see

To pay no heed
Is asking for trouble
'Ae la 'ol! - You will get it!
I will see your funny walk
Tell ALLLL my kainaga
And will Kaha!

We will Kaha! at your funny walk
Say that a leg is shorter
Or maybe your scrotums are too big!
Big scrotums get the louder, hysterical Kaha!
Big scrotum trumps short leg - ALWAYS.

And that itch in your crotch
We will claim that the fleas came from Blackie
Varamue's dog
And then fall over and kaha ma Kaha!
You fooled us all
It was not Varamue you wanted
We will feign shock
Gasp! At this unnaturalness
Utter strange interjections
O Sio'!
Ue fara!
Momentarily touch sanity with a comma
Of silence, ….
And then quickly recover with
A thundering burst of Kaha!

At this point
Our faces will be turned up to the heavens
But we are blind to it
Our eyes tightly shut
Dams up tears threatening to burst
Our mouths, all tongue, teeth and gums
Are gaping holes of mirth
Releasing Kaha! after kaha! after kaha!

We will weave stories of that hole in your supporter,
Underwear, knickers, boxers or drawers
And almost kill our selves kaha-ing!
Death from kaha -ing is almost certain
As that palaga in your underwear gets bigger
And bigger
And bigger.

The pain of stitches and tears that sting
Should cease this madness!
But ohhh no.
Not Us.

We will take a swipe at your
Sagging breasts and creaking bed
Wittingly bridge the two
You don't need Ravai the fa majau
To fix the creaking, we will quip.
Do it yourself.
Fasten bed tightly to wall
With sagging breasts
Problem solved.
No more creaking.

Ta'a! There!
Another interjection and a nod
And then…

Oho! With sheer pleasure and marvel
That we can
All the while kaha-ing
and kaha-ing
and kaha-ing.

This is how we do it.
We take our Kaha! to the wind
and we ride it
We feel no remorse when we do.
(This is ) Typically
Of which I,
Most certainly, AM.

Ka 'ae?
And You?